Medical & Dental Ministry to Guyana, S. America

Connect 3 is a non-profit 501(c)3 Christian organization whose Medical and Dental Ministry mission is to connect healthcare professionals in the U.S. and Guyana, for the improvement of physical and spiritual health.

Healing Hearts

The first time we traveled into the interior region of Guyana, among the indigenous people, the children coughed so strenuously they would lose their breath and begin crying. We cannot ignore their plight. Please help us to help them!

Our strategy is to connect healthcare professionals from the U.S., with churches and healthcare professionals in Guyana, to help address the common ailments of Guyanese communities. We will hold clinics in indigenous communities, using donated medical and dental supplies, while sharing the gospel with each participant.

Make A Difference!

Donate Medical and Dental Supplies
Items needed include: Pain Relievers/Fever Reducers, Cold/Flu Remedies, Vitamins, Skin Ointments, ...etc., toothbrushes and toothpaste. These items are difficult to obtain in the interior regions, due to limited access to stores and healthcare facilities.

Go! Help Serve Others
We are looking for healthcare professionals interested in sharing their expertise and hearts in Guyana. You'll never be the same!

2011 Dates: July 15 – 24
(Dates are tentative and subject to change.)

Trip Cost: Approximately $1,500
(Cost may vary due to fare changes.)

Provide Financial Support
Every penny of all donations goes to clinic and trip costs. Donate by check to: Connect 3, P.O. Box 671, Monticello, GA 31064 or online at: connect3bridge.com. (All donations are tax deductible.)

For more information, contact us at: 706-819-0848 or info@connect3bridge.com.

Let's partner to make a positive difference in the health and hearts of the Guyanese!

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