“Short-term missions clearly benefit the people providing the assistance.  Many pastors, parents and teachers are searching for ways to transform hearts and minds. One promising way to go about changing people's perspectives is to go on a service adventure together.”
- Barna 2009

If you are a church looking to take your missions program to the next level or provide a unique, three dimensional opportunity for your people to act within, Connect 3 is here to partner with you.

If you are a Christian looking to act out your faith in a new, refreshing way, Connect 3 is here to train you to realize your potential and purpose within your faith.

Again, it is more than just going on a missions trip.  Many Connect 3 partners never leave the States.  There are multiple ways to act out your faith!

Join us for this life-changing event!  Team members will receive all the training they need to release their God-given gifts and to be effective in the lives of the Guyanese.

Donate New or Gently used Summer Clothing, Bibles, Sunday School Material,Toys, Youth Soccer Gear and more!

We are currently collecting these items and shipping them to Guyana!  

We need partners to give toward mission projects and support our ministry monthly!  To make a secure donation online you can click on the button below:

To learn more information about specific mission projects you can contact us.

All donations are tax deductible.